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Set 2 of Ayaka X Killer Virgin Road Bases

[.] Credit dark_branwen or actor_icon in the keywords/comments if you use these as icons.
[.] Credit same as a resource if you use these as bases.
[.] Don't steal.
[.] Comment
[.] No hotlinking
[.] I don't mind people redistributing these on other sites. However, please let me know that you're doing so and, when possible, credit me with a link back to this community.
[.] I do take requests! Please go to this post to make them. Also, feel free to ask for text variations to this stuff.
[.] Resources

Well, that took longer than I thought. ^^; But I really do mean it when I say there are entirely too many pictures in this photobook.  It's starting to grow on me, but still definitely not my favorite.  I feel like with this and Cheeeeeeez, they've basically given up on building these around a theme, which is unfortunate.  But at any rate, Ayaka still looks gorgeous because she's Ayaka, and I hope you enjoy!


111. ... 137. ... 182.

Ayaka X Killer Virgin Road, Set 2
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